Ted Nugent has been eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2000, and he has spoken out several times regarding his fury that he still hasn't been admitted.

In the fall, he said liberals are to blame for his not being inducted since he is publicly conservative. He's commented on the matter once again in a new interview with Guitar World, insinuating that he has not been acknowledged by the Rock Hall because he's "anti-substance abuse."

"Oh, because I murder innocent animals," Nugent jokes after being asked what he thinks is keeping him out of the Hall. "I think the biggest one is because I'm really militantly anti-substance abuse, and I think everybody on the board abuses substances. That's what I think. But when it comes to music, I dismiss all political considerations, ideology considerations, race considerations, ethnic considerations, sexual confusion… whatever is different than me that has no bearing on my love of music."

The musician cited several artists, such as Patti Smith, who have been inducted into the hall, adding the implication that they are not deserving of the acknowledgment.

"How can Styx and Ted Nugent not be in the Hall Of Fame, but Patti Smith is? I mean, just look at the name: Rock. And. Roll. Hall. Of. Fame. Hey, I'm not an English major, but I'm an English master. I know what those words mean, and Grandmaster Flash doesn't qualify. ABBA. Madonna. Really? Somebody could look you in the eye and explain that to you with a straight face? I don't fucking think so," he snarks.

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