The rock world has had a decent share of drama over the last few days. First, David Crosby was condemned for a "meh" tweet about Eddie Van Halen, and now a feud is starting between Tommy Lee and Ted Nugent.

What the hell is going on?

The Nugent vs. Lee dilemma all started with Sammy Hagar's AXS TV show Rock & Roll Road Trip With Sammy HagarLee was a guest during the first season, and Nugent was featured in the fifth and most recent season. However, the rocker told Blunt Force Truth that the producers of the show were giving him a hard time about being there.

"The producers wouldn't let [Hagar] near me, even though he and I go way back — we're dear friends," Nugent said. "They thought I was dangerous, that I'd come out with a machine gun or I'd slaughter an innocent fawn on television. This is stupidity!”

Then, he brought Lee into the argument.

"I said, ‘So, your producers were afraid of me, but they did a show with Tommy Lee, who's a convicted felon, domestic violence heroin addict. They're okay with this guy, but not with the Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity, teaching kids to be clean and sober?’ I said, ‘Sammy, coldcock those sons of bitches and get out and let's do the show.’ So, finally, they dangerously acquiesced.”

Needless to say, the Motley Crue drummer didn't respond positively to Nugent's statements.

"Ted Nugent?... Is that guy even alive?" Lee wrote in a tweet. "I thought he shot himself like 20 years ago."

The tweet was obviously very polarizing, based on the replies, which range from calling Nugent a "pile of dust" to declaring Lee the "king" of sexually transmitted diseases.

Is it Friday yet?

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