What better way to end the year than releasing a new album? The Acacia Strain have dropped a surprise record titled It Comes in Waves and it is the band's first album since 2017's Gravebloom.

The reports began circulating last week that the band were planning to release an album before 2019's end, so it wasn't as much of a surprise as they had intended, as surprise releases have a history of being spoiled.

According to Lambgoat, It Comes in Waves was recorded last spring, and the group intend to make more music come 2020. The seven-song album is 30 minutes in length, and the single-word song titles, when put together, form the sentence "Our only sin was giving them names."

Stream It Comes in Waves, the ninth full length album from The Acacia Strain which is out now on Closed Casket Activities, beneath the album art and track listing toward the bottom of the page.

The Acacia Strain recently announced a 2020 tour with Rotting Out, Creeping Death, Chamber and Fuming Mouth, which kicks off in February. Perhaps they'll be rolling out some of the new songs throughout the trek. See the dates here.

The Acacia Strain, It Comes in Waves, Album Art + Track Listing

Closed Casket Activities
Closed Casket Activities

01. "Our"
02. "Only"
03. "Sin"
04. "Was"
05. "Giving"
06. "Them"
07. "Names"

The Acacia Strain, It Comes in Waves Album Stream

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