Last year, The Devil Wears Prada released possibly the best album of their career in Transit Blues. In eleven tracks, the band took their finely crafted metalcore to new heights by incorporating elements of sludge and doom metal, creating a wholly new sound and life for the group. Today they released a new video for one of the album's singles, "Worldwide."

As the third video off the album following "Daughter" and "To the Key of Evergreen," "Worldwide" continues their streak of striking visuals that tell thought-provoking stories. The visuals include different people being hooked up to a variety of different machines. The band themselves are also hooked up to luminescent wires while they play.

Song-wise, it shows off the band's ability to make a straight up rock song with a great hook. Clean singer/guitarist Jeremy DePoyster takes center stage on the song, offering up a verse that paints a map of the band's travels, a desire to get lost in the lush destinations they've had the fortune to visit. Screamer Mike Hranica gives a sharp dichotomy to DePoyster's voice, adding a sharp edge to the song.

The song matter correlates with the band's intent on the album, in wanting to be able to sing about more ordinary matters than a typical metal song would allow for. In an interview we conducted with the band, Hranica said, "I wanted to be able to talk about more ordinary topics, and… for the most part that’s just what really has gripped me in my own musical taste, and I wanted to find a way to have these aggressive songs but be able to talk about more mundane matters, and I think that’s also very much born from literature. A lot of reading is not going to be these highly intense sort of moments all the time, as compared to, you know, if you look at the substance behind a metal record, where it’s all so dire and dramatic."

It's too soon to tell what'll come next for the band, but hopefully we'll be treated to more visual components that match up with the band's music.

Watch the video for "Worldwide" above!

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