The Devil Wears Prada are back with a dark new video while also shedding some light on their current drummer situation. The band just released a video for the song "Daughter," which will presumably be featured on an upcoming release.

The Casey Pierce-directed clip is a dark one, shot in black white with flickering light. Shots feature the band performing against a white backdrop, while most of the action centers on a young woman draped in a white wrapping and struggling to free herself from the ropes keeping her tied up and covered. Meanwhile, the song is heavy and brutal, with vocalist Mike Hranica stating multiple times within the song, "Over a lifetime / I never loved her / My daughter."

A key piece of intel can be seen in the clip, as Haste the Day drummer Guiseppe Antonio Capolupo is behind the kit. The drummer has also signed on to join the band for their upcoming touring. It is not known if his addition is permanent though. Earlier this month, it was announced that the band's longtime drummer Daniel Williams was no longer with the group. In their announcement about Williams' exit, the band also revealed that they were in the process of finishing their next album.

The Devil Wears Prada kicked off their summer touring at Chicago Open Air over the weekend. Check out their remaining dates here.

Update: The band has revealed that their new album will be titled Transit Blues. The disc is due Oct. 7 via Rise Records and will be their first disc without Williams on drums. Pre-order info is available here.

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