The members of the Ghost Inside continue to deal with the aftermath of a horrific bus crash last fall that resulted in the death of both drivers. The group's members were also left in pretty bad shape and one of the members of the group has checked in with the latest on his recovery.

It was recently revealed that drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost his right leg as part of the crash, but the musician is determined to get back to playing again. Andrew's doctor has given the musician drumsticks to use as he continues his rehab. Dr. Bloom stated, "A drummer's gotta drum. He has had a remarkable recovery, despite numerous surgeries and complications. Our goal is to get him back to doing what he loves. His is an incredible story of perseverance … We will get him back to playing. It will take many months of hard work, sweat and possibly a few tears, but we will get him back. It is a fascinating journey for both of us.”

In a new update posted by the musician on Instagram, he shows a piece of video that lets viewers see that he's now able to stand and balance on his own despite the loss of one leg. "Strengthening that ankle and calf muscles. One day at a time. Be strong. #violentgentlemen #workhard," reads the caption. Check out the video below.

It's also been revealed that guitarist Zach Johnson lost two toes as a result of the bus crash. Not long after the crash happened, the band's label Epitaph Records announced that 100 percent of the band's album sales would go directly to the group members. In addition, a GoFundMe page was launched to help the band deal with their medical bills and other associated costs related to the accident. If you wish to contribute to the fun, you may do so here.