It's a rapidly changing world thanks to technology, and Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes frontman Frank Carter has his concerns about the effects of social media, especially when it comes to mental health.

In a new interview with NME, the vocalist feels that the changes in how we communicate have come so fast that there hasn't been time to do proper research on the effects it has on our behavior.

“We have this real problem. We’re entering into a society that is very narcissistic and it’s moving at a fast rate and I don’t think anyone has any kind of understanding because there’s not really been any time to do any research on the effect that has on our mental health, in any shape or form," says the singer, who offers, "I think the best thing we can do is have an open conversation."

He continues, “We’re moving into a place where social media give us these avatars, and in a lot of ways, we’re more concerned with how we’re perceived on the Internet than we are in real life. When you meet most people in real life you realize that their online avatar is something really different to reality, and I think it’s a dangerous place to be. I think it’s a really scary future for our children. I’m terribly worried for my child, because she’s gonna grow up in this world where it’s natural."

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, the rocker added that it's more important now that ever to check in on people. “There’s never been a more important time to ask questions about how we are feeling. You know, ‘truly, are you OK’? No one really asks that, they just ask what are you doing? What are you wearing? Who are you with? That’s what our new record is about, it’s about asking: ‘Are you OK?’ Honestly, are you alright? And if you’re not, do you want to talk about it?’" says Carter, who adds, "It’s such a small thing and the best thing we can do is just keep checking up on people."

To see more of Carter's interview, head over to NME and look for the most recent Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes album, Modern Ruin, which was released back in January. The album is available now and you can catch the band currently on tour in the U.S. Dates can be found here.