TV talent shows tend to produce less stars than a dead galaxy, but we’ll always appreciate heavy metal infiltrating mainstream culture. During a recent episode of The Voice of Germany, contestant Stefanie Stuber delivered a rendition of Lamb of God’s “Ghost Walking” that stunned judges and wowed viewers.

Germany has always been a Mecca for heavy metal, giving us Rammstein, Necrophagist and almost the entire Teutonic thrash scene. The country is no stranger to brutal metal, with the four Voice judges casually banging their heads in approval of Stuber’s gutturals.

German rapper Sido was the first to turn his chair around for Stuber, hitting the “I Want You” button. Singer-songwriter Rea Garvey was next, followed by fellow musicians Mark Forster and Alice Merton. With all four judges approving of the barks — and surprisingly powerful clean vocals — of Stuber, they went to great lengths to woo Stuber onto their teams.

Eventually, Stuber chose to join Mark Forster’s squad after the singer serenaded Stefanie onstage.

Stefanie Stuber’s Lamb of God cover has already surpassed half a million views on YouTube, so watch her take on Randy Blythe's vocals in the video above.

Lamb of God are currently in the studio recording the follow-up to 2015's VII: Sturm und Drang.

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