NBC's 'The Voice' has gotten past the Battle Rounds, which means that the remaining competitors now have a chance to shine on their own. And one of the musicians hoping to make a good impression on the coaches was Ryan Whyte Maloney, who decided to take on Shinedown's 'Second Chance' in hopes of advancing in the competition.

Maloney, who is part of Blake Shelton's team, revealed during the intro package that the first time he had heard the Shinedown song was at a "do or die" point in his life where his parents were pressuring him to enter the military rather than continue with music. The lyrics perfectly sum up his struggle to get to where he was in terms of his music. After rehearsing with Shelton, his coach admitted that Maloney was pushing himself by taking on a difficult song and had his concerns about taking such a risk.

But those concerns were quickly assuaged as Maloney's rendition of 'Second Chance' earned respect from the other coaches. Usher stated, "There's only one other artist that I feel has the ability to hold notes like that and almost damn near be perfect and it's that guy down there [Adam Levine] … But honestly, this was definitely a breakout moment for you."

Shakira complimented Maloney on his high notes, while Levine added, "It seems like Ryan has the most incredible professional moments combined with still some rough edges, but the overwhelmingly positive things are starting to take over." As for Shelton, he concluded, "I'm overwhelmed with excitement and pride" after hearing Maloney's performance.

And the praise didn't stop there, as Shinedown's own Brent Smith and Zach Myers took to Twitter to comment on the performance. Their tweets can be seen below.

But alas, it wasn't meant to be for Maloney. Shelton was tasked with cutting his team from five competitors to three and Maloney ended up on the chopping block, unable to get his "second chance."