The latest season of The Voice is underway, and while the singing competition often leans toward more pop oriented material, there are some competitors who show their affinity for some rock representation. During Tuesday's (Sept. 21) blind audition, 26-year-old Indiana native Samuel Harness showcased his heartfelt rasp, taking on 3 Doors Down's "Here Without You."

"Being from Indiana, this is like a dream come true. It just doesn't get any better than this," stated Harness in the pre-performance background package. The musician revealed himself to be one of five adopted siblings who grew up watching his father and his brothers play in a bluegrass band. "Being able to see him onstage doing what he loves was extremely inspiring," said Harness, about picking up that love of music.

Speaking about his song choice, Harness revealed the song's personal nature to him, explaining, "The song is really about missing somebody you love. That really resonates with me right now cause I'm thousands of miles away from my 4-year-old son. It's a rock song and I'm going to slow it down a bit and give it my unique flavor."

"Here Without You" first appeared on 3 Doors Down's 2002 sophomore set, Away From the Sun. It was the third song released from the album, hitting No. 14 on the Mainstream Rock chart. But the power ballad had crossover success, climbing all the way to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's since been certified as a double platinum single in the U.S.

Harness' somber, slowed down and string-infused interpretation resonated with the coaches, earning him a three-chair turn. "I loved hearing those amazing raspy high notes that were grungy but didn't sound unhealthy. It's a really hard thing to have that much grit and soul but make it sound clean and clear at the same time," stated coach Ariana Grande.

John Legend offered, "It was a really powerful thing to have an artist emote like that. You will be a magical addition to Team Legend. I would love to work with you."

Blake Shelton added, "Voices like yours are rare. Instead of a rasp it's like a sizzle frying an egg." And while Kelly Clarkson didn't turn as she got lost in the performance, she was seen complimenting his "cool vibrato" during the performance.

Harness ended up picking Legend to be his coach.

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