Late last week, the Word Alive premiered their 'Entirety' clip for fans to check out, and today Loudwire has the exclusive premiere of the "Behind the Scenes" feature from the video shoot.

In the actual video, the clip starts off with a furious energy as Luke Holland pounds away on the drums and the rest of the band are a mixture of hair and limbs frenetically moving around a rundown home.

In the behind-the-scene feature, singer Telle Smith welcomes the viewer while lounging on a couch, and explaining, "Here's a little behind the scenes look at some tasty treats for you guys." The clip shows a little more of what a video shoot is actually like.

We see Holland getting measured for the shoot, guitarist Tony Pizzuti showing off his hobo-toed socks while chowing down a sandwich between takes, and lead guitarist Zack Hansen sullenly staring down the camera during some downtime. Meanwhile, bassist Daniel Shapiro is a little antsy in anticipation of the shoot, explaining, "Just warming up to play around in the dirt. It's my natural habitat - the dirt."

Once on set, we see the band in their Phoenix studio with only a few panels representing the dilapidated room while the rest of the background will be provided by green screen. Director Dan Fusselman and director of photography Wes Johnson make sure all the shots are captured, while strategically placed ladders allow Johnson the opportunity to catch the band from different angles. You can catch the three-and-a-half minute look inside the video shoot below.

'Entirety' was recently retired into the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame with five straight victories and is featured on the band's latest album, 'Life Cycles,' out now via iTunes.

Watch the Word Alive's Behind the Scenes 'Entirety' Video Feature