The Word Alive have been laying the groundwork for what should be a very personal album, and they're ready to share another piece to the puzzle by unveiling their new video for "Why Am I Like This?," exclusively at Loudwire.

The clip is a performance piece but shot in a manner that reflects the moodier angst of the song. The trio all appear in a neon-illuminated warehouse, often shot in silhouette only briefly colored by the blues, purples and oranges reflecting off the lights.

As for the track itself, it really is powered by a building repetitive guitar lick, hard-hitting drums and singer Telle Smith's melodic vocals. It's more of a mid-tempo track through the verses, but delivers a punchier chorus, with Smith getting a chance to really unleash vocally during an angsty mid-section.

“‘Why Am I Like This?' is about pursuing something that more than likely you know you shouldn't or that might not be the healthiest choice for you," Smith tells us. "The last two years I experienced making choices that took me further away from who I wanted to be, and I was living in the moment with no regard for how it would affect me or someone else. It's about finding that person who is kind of the devil on your shoulder, and you want them to tell you what you're doing is ok so you can rationalize it and justify it. It's about the fact that sometimes it ends up being the wrong decision, and sometimes, very rarely it ends up proving everything you know wrong and being the best thing for you. But you don't know which it will be in the moment.”

"Why Am I Like This?" is featured on the band's upcoming disc, Violent Noise, which is due May 4 via Fearless Records. If you like what you hear, the track will be live on all digital service providers at midnight ET this evening. You can pre-order the whole Violent Noise disc, with bundle options, right here.

The Word Alive are currently in the midst of a tour. You can find them playing next on Friday (April 20) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dates will continue on their current run through a May 20 finale in Fort Worth, Texas. See all of their stops and get ticketing info here.

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