Back in January, the hilarious parody song 'This Is a Trent Reznor Song' was released by Freddy Scott. He channels Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor in a spot on performance.

The song, which sounds like 'Copy of A,' has lyrics like, “I am Trent Reznor / This is how I write songs / Make all my verses sound like this / Then I throw in some random percussion / So that you can dance to it.

The song ends with, “Let’s end the song with creepy piano / Now it sounds like a haunted house / Let’s end the song with creepy piano / Yeah it sounds really awesome.

Just like the audio captures the essence of Nine Inch Nails, the video does the same. It combines performance shots with artsy and strange visuals, with Scott nailing Reznor's mannerisms.

The video is getting a mostly positive response on YouTube. A sampling of opinion includes one commenter calling it the "best parody ever." Another says it's an "epic video, very well done indeed." It even made one person "laugh until my stomach ached."

Scott also posted another video (watch below), showing how he played the 'weird guitar riff' in the song.

Freddy Scott - 'This Is (Not) a Tutorial'