Later this month, Three Days Grace will release their highly anticipated fifth album, ‘Human.’ The effort marks the first music with new singer Matt Walst, brother of bassist Brad Walst. Loudwire Nights host Full Metal Jackie recently caught up with Brad Walst, who talked about the band’s new effort, having his brother join the band + much more. Check out the interview below:

Brad, your brother Matt is now the band's singer. What made making Human with him so special for you?

For one, Matt has been just awesome. It has been a couple of years now and I think we have hazed him enough that he is an official member. It was definitely special to make a record with him and write with him. We have collaborated in the past, you know, Matt was on the first record and he collaborated on the last record, as well. It was really quite good chemistry, sitting down with Matt and just writing. We basically started writing a couple of years ago. He came to us with the idea for “Painkiller” on the road back a couple of years ago and we haven't really stopped from there. It has been pretty amazing.

The individuality of a new band member can have a huge effect on a band's sound, especially a singer. What about the way Human sounds is a direct result of Matt and the way the rest of the band musically interacts with him?

I think Matt, for one, is an amazing singer and his voice has actually changed a lot of the last couple of years. He sang a certain way with My Darkest Days and I think that had a huge part of us re-recording a lot of songs because we go on the road and we would come back and his voice would just be deeper and more aggressive. He has really trained it to be more aggressive and it is sounding awesome. I think that on the record it is really a special thing.

Matt is not a stranger to what we have done in the past. He knows where we have came from, with all of these songs from 10 years ago. He as been through the ups and downs with us. To be honest, it sounds like old Three Days Grace. We connected with our old producer Gavin Brown and I think he really brought that old-school sound back. I would just relate it to the old stuff.

Maintaining the same level of success after changing singers isn't guaranteed, of course, so how important is it that "Painkiller" and  “I Am Machine” continued your streak of number one singles?

It is pretty crazy. We never really thought it would go No. 1. We just write songs and just see what happens. It is just crazy. We are so grateful and honored and kind of speechless to be honest. It is kind of surreal that we just picked up off from where we were and just kept going. For us that is just how we roll anyway. We just kind of keep going forward and don't look back too much. It is still surreal, the whole twelve years that we have been doing this and it seems like yesterday so it is pretty amazing.

Brad, the deluxe edition of Human, the new album, includes a bonus track live version of Matt singing “Let Me Down.” Is that to show fans how well he is suited for the older songs?

Yeah, of course, that is something that we didn't rush actually. It just turned out really great. That is actually one of the first songs that Matt actually co-wrote with us. It was “Let Me Down” back in the day. I think that is just a good example of how he brings this new energy to the table and it is a good one.

Now that you are getting back on the road, Brad, what fires you up most about taking new songs to the stage?

I am just excited to play some new songs for sure. I am excited for the fans to hear it. I think the fans have been waiting for awhile hoping that we were going to put out a record last year. I am more excited for them to feel out the new songs and it is always great to go back out on tour with a new record. We have a new set design. It is going to be a great live show. I am just super stoked to get back on the road for sure.

Brad, what rituals or habits do you have on tour that maybe you don't do when you are at home?

I definitely drink more on the road. Which I don't do as much at home. We try to have the same ritual every day but on the road I just try to get out and just see the cities. The last couple of years I have brought my bicycle with me. It sounds weird but I find killer bicycle routes wherever I go and I just ride for 10 to 15 miles and it is a great way to see the city and get a sweat on. For the band, I think we just chill in the afternoon, we do some press, the sound check and then about an hour before the show we get together and make sure that we are in the same room together and crank up some killer rock tunes and have a few beers and get ready for the show.

Thanks to Brad Walst for the interview. Three Days Grace will release their hew album, ‘Human,‘ on March 31. It is available for pre-order at both Amazon and iTunes. For album info and track listing click here. Tune in to Loudwire Nights With Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie Monday through Friday at 7PM through midnight online or on the radio. To see which stations and websites air ‘Loudwire Nights,’ click here.

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