Three Days Grace announced back at the beginning of June that their new disc ‘Transit of Venus’ will make its way into fans' earthly hands on Oct. 2, and now the band is sharing that the first single will be a track called ‘Chalk Outline.’

With its seemingly foreboding title, ‘Chalk Outline’ will be available on Aug. 14, and will serve as the first listen to the new disc. Although the band has not commented on the single in much detail, they did talk about the sound of ‘Transit of Venus’ as a whole.

Drummer Neil Sanderson explained, “We went for a tighter, more articulated sound on this record. The music we were writing was a little more intricate than in the past, and we've been experimenting with new instruments.” He continued, “ We wanted to present these new ideas concisely without going over-the-top in ambiance and overall production.”

Three Days Grace tapped super-producer Don Gilmore to man their rock 'n' roll mothership while the band recorded at Revolution Studios in Toronto, Canada. Gilmore’s resume includes work with Linkin Park and Bullet for My Valentine.

‘Transit of Venus’ will be available for pre-order on iTunes the same day that the single hits, so looks like Aug. 14 is a good day to be a Three Days Grace fan.

For more on the new disc, check out the latest in the series of teaser trailers the band has been dropping over the past few months below or visit their newly relaunched website here.

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