Three Days Grace are currently rocking a thinker of a track in their latest single "Human Race," and now they've given us a brand new video that's also pretty thought provoking.

The Mark Pellington-directed video may be a little NSFW due to the images of an incapacitated naked woman lying on her side on a table attached to a breathing tube. But the video's focus more about the ideas of human connection with very distinctive looking actors whose faces seem to tell a story.

The ideas of technology on the human race are also addressed with an opening and closing narrative. The clip opens by stating, "The problem is not technology. The problem is the personal person using it. We're more than a body and a mind. We are a song. And there's something inside of us that is beyond our understanding. That's the part of us that yearns for God or something more that we find in technology."

And clip ends with the following thought: "Machines have given us abundance and left us in want. Our knowledge has been as hateful and cynical. Our cleverness is blind and mean and hard and unkind. We know too much and feel too little."

It's a thought-provoking clip from a director who has a history with such subject matter, whether it be Pearl Jam's "Jeremy," Alice in Chains' "Rooster" or Foo Fighters "Best of You" that populate his video resume.

Three Days Grace drummer and Loudwire guest blogger Neil Sanderson recently revealed that the song was penned while the band was on tour and noticing a shift in their surroundings.

He recalled, "We had played the night before and were headed to the next city as the sun was coming up in the Midwest. We were looking out the window at just peaceful countryside and just kinda soaking it all in and then, just like that, the bus took an exit and we ended up in downtown morning rush hour gridlock traffic … just watching out the bus window as people yelled at each other, ran red lights, gave each other the finger, and were just being generally sh—y to one another, while they were in some massive rush to get nowhere at 7:30AM. It was like we were on the outside looking in, and I remember somebody said, 'Where the hell is everybody going and why are they such in a rush? Don’t you just get sick of running this race? The human race?' The song was born in that moment. We started writing it right away."

"Human Race" is featured on the band's latest album Human. It's currently available at Amazon and iTunes. Look for Three Days Grace on tour at these locations.

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