Three Days Grace have done a solid job building the suspense about their next album, 'Transit of Venus.' The front page of their website recently re-launched, borrowing a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, who explains, "A black round spot - and that is all; Such a speck our earth would be if he who looks upon the stars through the red atmosphere of Mars could see our little creeping ball."

What does it mean? Well, we've got a few more clues thanks to a new trailer for the band's upcoming disc. In it, a television announcer reveals to the audience, "Something historic has begun," and with that you get the opening moments of a new trailer hyping Three Days Grace's next album.

What follows is a mass gathering of people attempting to look at the sky through different devices as they prepare for a unique sighting, and additional news reports around the world promoting the 'Transit of Venus.' Another announcer vows, "It is science in its most perfect form." And finally another voice reveals, "This event will be visible across all of North America. Do not stare at the sun."

Wondering what this has to do with Three Days Grace? Up until midway through the clip there's nary a mention of the band, but as a fiery rock flies across the universe, all of a sudden the hard-hitting guitar licks of the band come in to soundtrack the clip.

'Transit of Venus' is the title of the new album from the group and an Oct. 12 release date flashes briefly on the screen signifying their return. One final announcer chimes in with yet another ominous revelation. "Ninety-five percent of [the universe's mysteries] can be explained away by Venus," she states. "But what about the other five percent, everybody? We're believers." I guess the mystery continues.

In the meanwhile, the band has a handful of summer dates on the horizon to begin the build toward their next record.

Watch Three Days Grace's 'Transit of Venus' Trailer