Rage Against the Machine / Future User musician Tim Commerford recently sat down for an interview with Alternative Nation. The bassist touched on many subjects during the chat, including his stage-crashing Limp Bizkit protest at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards and being impressed by Kanye West’s interruption of Beck at the 2015 Grammys.

It all starts with Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst. At the 2000 MTV VMAs, Limp Bizkit beat out Rage Against the Machine for the Best Rock Video award. As a protest and sign of his anger, Commerford climbed a giant installation on the stage and refused to get off the structure. The musician was eventually arrested and spent the night in jail.

Commerford tells Alternative Nation that even after spending a night in the clinker, he still tried to confront Durst the next day. “[Fred Durst] was staying at the same hotel as us, so the next day everyone was telling me that Fred Durst was eating breakfast in a room," says the Rage bassist. "And I went in there, and I was fully gonna confront him. They show me the table and he’s nowhere to be seen. He just bolted and got out of there so he did not have to endure the wrath.”

After reading that, it shouldn’t surprise you that Commerford has respect for Kanye West’s actions at this year’s Grammys. Commerford even hopes he had a little part in inspiring the rapper to act out. “I love that kind of stuff," Tim declares. "I don’t know that Beyonce record so I can’t say if she deserves it. But I do like how Kanye is not afraid and I think it’s badass. I wonder how old he was when I was on the VMA’s and if he saw me. I’d like to think that I had something to do with it.”

Tim Commerford also discusses his band Future User's new album #SteroidsOrHeroin while teasing another big, albeit secret, musical endeavor on his plate. “For every hater, there’s gonna be someone who digs it," Commerford says. "And oddly enough, I have another musical outlet that fell in my lap recently. I’m not gonna get into detail, but I have plans. I have Future User and that’s one end of the spectrum and I want to see it through. We’re going to continue to make videos and put songs out. And like I said, I have something else coming soon that’s on the other side of the spectrum.”

For the full interview with Tim Commerford, head over to Alternative Nation. #SteroidsOrHeroin from Future User is in stores now. To grab a copy, click here.

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