Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is no stranger to collaboration, using his guitar skills to wow in a number of genres. But with his new "plan," Morello has teamed up with members of Australian EDM outfit Knife Party under the moniker Atlas Underground.

Morello recently made his live debut with Knife Party at the Ultra Music Festival, but what might have initially seemed like a cool guest spot for those in attendance has actually blossomed into a new project. As you can hear in the performance above, the dance grooves of Knife Party are given more edge by the hard rocking guitar work of Morello.

Morello said in a press release about Atlas Underground, "Atlas Underground is not a band, it's a plan. One part Marshall stack blowtorch heart and soul, one part Mecha-Godzilla titanium bass drop. Heaven help you all.'”

The song heard in the player above is titled "Battle Sirens" and the Miami audience at the Ultra Music Festival was the first to hear it. "Battle Sirens" is reportedly the "first installation" of Morello's Atlas Underground "plan," in which the guitarist plans to use his heavy riffing to magnify the work of some of today's top artists, DJs and producers.

Morello has not revealed as of yet what will be next for Atlas Underground, but a website has been launched at this location.

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