Wildman Tommy Lee is known for many talents, but first and foremost he's a renowned hard-hitting force behind the kit in legendary hard rock outfit Mötley Crüe. One of his most famed drumming feats is when his drum kit would be lifted into the air and spun 360 degrees while he performed a drum solo, damning gravity. His playing style isn't incredible complex, but he has a keen sense for captivating an arena's worth of fans in concert and he laid down the stickwork that took Mötley Crüe to the top of rock stardom.

Faith No More are an eclectic group of guys. They have included a host of influences into their truly unique sound, which must have posed as quite the challenge for drummer Mike Bordin. He is no slouch and just goes nuts on his drum kit, playing whatever the unique music of Faith No More demanded from him. The drummer also performed live with Black Sabbath in 1997 after Bill Ward was afflicted with health issues. He's played with Ozzy Osbourne for a dozen years, as well.

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