Sometimes it's hard to tell what is and isn't real on Tommy Lee's social media because he has such a wild sense of humor. But if his latest post is genuine, then he's been finding some really weird things while building his new house.

The Motley Crue drummer shared a photo on his Instagram of a hand in a glove holding an apparent sex toy that was found where his new house is being built. While it could obviously be a joke, the object was seemingly covered in dirt at one point.

"Found while digging for fence posts at my house house construction site! WTF?! I'm going to put all the odd findings into a frame to save!" Lee wrote in the caption of the photo. "A piece of the second swimming pool, an engine block, coyote skull and dildo so far! What's next?"

We honestly wouldn't put it past Lee to bury a dildo and then photograph it. After all, he has posted several nude photos of himself online, two of which exposed his genitals, and the other showed his rear end while he was in a pool. But if he really did find the sex toy in the dirt where the home is being built, we have a lot of questions. We're not sure if we really want the answers, though.

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See the image below. But be warned, it is NSFW.

In April, the drummer's Calabasas mansion sold for $3.6 million after he'd had it on and off the market for several years, according to the New York Post. Two years prior, he purchased a Japanese-inspired house in Los Angeles for $4.5 million, so it's unclear where the property of the new house he's building is located. Regardless, stay tuned to see if he finds any more discoveries.

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