Tony Hawk just broke his femur in a serious skateboarding accident and although it will take a while to heal, he still says he'll never stop skating.

Yesterday Tony Hawk posted an X-ray of his leg on social media that will make you cringe. He severely broke his femur while he was skateboarding and the pieces of his bone are so far apart from each other it makes our stomach churn.

The skateboarding legend says he made a full comeback after he broke his elbow 20 years ago and plans to do the same with this injury. Hawk says his recovery will be much harder this time due to his age and the severity of the injury.

He posted along with the X-ray about how the injury is ironic since HBO is releasing a trailer for a documentary about his life that focuses on how he skates and does what he does at his age called Until The Wheels Fall Off. In his caption alongside the X-ray, he said he has "found my sense of purpose and shaped my identity through skating, and it nourishes my mental health immensely. I've said many times that I won't stop skating until I am physically unable."

Tony Hawk continues in the post to say his broken leg might be the biggest test of that creed thus far, but he'll be back skateboarding, maybe not at full capacity which is something he's accepted. He also thanks his family and everyone for all of the love support.

Take a look at the gnarly X-ray of Tony Hawk's broken femur below and his recovery.

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