Many Tool fans' dreams came true last night (Oct. 3) during the band's show in Loveland, Colo. when they played the song "Rosetta Stoned" for the first time since 2009.

Tool played an instrumental snippet of the 10,000 Days song a few times throughout 2018, but it hadn't been performed in its entirety with vocals since Aug. 22, 2009 at the Epicenter Festival, according to Still, it's ranked as the band's 15th most-played song of their entire catalog, and fans have been waiting a long time to hear it.

Adam Jones shared a video clip of the band rehearsing the song back in February, and people were freaking out about it on Reddit. By that point, though, Tool hadn't even announced their 2023 tour dates yet, so the idea of hearing "Rosetta Stoned" live seemed nothing more than a dream to them.

Well, that dream came true last night. Tool have strict no-phone policies at their shows, so there isn't much footage of them performing the song online. But and a few attendees on Reddit confirmed that it was played, and there is audio of the entire concert available on YouTube, which you can listen to below. "Rosetta Stoned" starts at around the 28:47 mark.

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"[Maynard James Keenan] had the lyrics in front of him, grabbing to change the page at the end, just threw them in the air as he fucking killed it," a fan commented on Reddit.

Tool's first performance of 2023 took place last month at Kentucky's Louder Than Life Festival, but the Loveland show was the first of their headlining run. They'll play Aftershock Festival on Oct. 6 and Power Trip on Oct. 8, and then their next headlining performance will take place on Oct. 11 in Salt Lake City, Utah. See the rest of the dates here.

Tool Live in Loveland, Colorado (2023)

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