It's time for one of thrash's most important bands to get its own Loud List! In this video, we count down out choices for the 10 Best Megadeth Songs.

Thirty-plus years into a monumental career, Megadeth have given us 14 full-length studio albums, five live records, two EPs, tons of video albums and much more. Though Dave Mustaine's career could have been over after being ousted from Metallica, the thrash mastermind has shipped millions of units worldwide under the Megadeth name, proving his talent and songwriting prowess beyond any doubt.

Many of the songs you'll find in this Top 10 are classics and fan favorites from Megadeth's first few albums, which simply can't be ignored. However, we don't just stop there. Much like Megadeth did, this lists busts out of the 1980s with time-tested masterworks that survived the grunge explosion and carved through the mainstream on quality alone.

Do you agree with our 10 Best Megadeth Song choices? Check out the video above and see for yourselves!

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