Humans, take notice. If an army of robots begin to annihilate mankind, there's one weapon we've got that will be effective 100 percent of the time -- hot chicks! In this stunning new video for Torche's "Annihilation Affair," robots are commanded to wage war, but after porno mags and real-life babes are found, a new sense of purpose begins to guide the mechanical ones.

Torche's fourth studio album, Restarter, is already a promising contender for many Best of 2015 lists to come. "Annihilation Affair" is just one sludgy cut from the album, and Torche made a wise decision by recruiting music video masterminds Phil Mucci and Ian MacKay (Opeth / High on Fire / Monster Magnet) to create a slick clip for the standout song.

The "Annihilation Affair" video depicts the fall of mankind brought about by its own robotic creations. Commanded by flying television bots which cyber-brainwash their metal mercenaries, planet earth is meticulously dismantled by flame and weaponry.

However, one robot soldier discovers the centerfold of a porno rag (which thankfully survived the apocalypse). A sexy siren in stasis is later discovered by the robots, which leads to a full-on mutiny against their TV tyrants. One robot opens the human woman's chamber, but you'll have to watch the video yourselves to see what happens next.

Check out our exclusive premiere of Torche's new video for "Annihilation Affair" in the player above! Also, be sure to grab a copy of Restarter, which is now available on iTunes.

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