Iron Maiden’s brand-new Flight 666 jumbo jet is the most bad-ass bird in the sky! You’ve already seen the exterior of Ed Force One, but now you can check out the inside, as well.

A few days ago, Iron Maiden along with the band’s crew met up in Cardiff, Wales, to take the first flight of Maiden’s 2016 The Book of Souls tour. Flight 666 landed in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. in preparation for Iron Maiden’s first gig for the tour, which will take place tomorrow (Feb. 24).

Made in Cardiff TV got the opportunity to get inside Ed Force One and speak with Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson about the 747-400 jet. Ed Force One is a thick beast, running seven seats wide minus the aisle, with each seat sporting a handsome Ed Force One headrest. There are even beds upstairs! As expected, the jet is packed with essentials like Trooper Ale and even a bit of Fanta.

Cameras even ventured inside the cockpit to get a look at Bruce’s own seat and all the shiny lights and buttony doodads he’s surrounded by while in flight. On the plane’s outer shell, you’ll find graphics for Trooper Ale, Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast game, Maiden Audio and the name of each city Maiden will encounter on tour.

“I think she’s stupendous, actually. I’m really excited. In fact, I’m jumping up and down,” says a giddy Bruce Dickinson. As for the tour, fans can expect a few surprises that go beyond Maiden’s new stage setup. “We’re playing some songs off Book of Souls, no secret there,” says Bruce. “And we’ll be playing some songs that we haven’t played for a while, so I think one or two of our fans will be really pleased.”

Check out Ed Force One in all its glory in the video above!

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