Nu-metal mainstays Trapt and their frontman, singer and guitarist Chris Taylor Brown, engaged in a Twitter flame war starting Monday (March 16) that some have called racist and xenophobic. The band, which formed in the mid-'90s Bay Area, is best known for its early-aughts hits "Headstrong" and "Still Frame."

But this week, among other things, the group defended both President Trump and fellow rockers Nickelback while lashing out against users on the social networking service — see evidence of Trapt's tirade below. As reported by Slate, the band's social media meltdown amounted to almost 900 tweets in 48 hours.

The rant seemingly started with tweets directed at actor Chris Evans and civil rights activist Talbert Swan, as journalist Ashley Feinberg pointed out. To Evans, Brown justified Trump's handling of the public health crisis resulting from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The singer charged Swan with possessing a "victim mentality."

From there, the Trapt singer only dug his heels in further. When one Twitter user called the group "ignorant, obtuse, racist, white supremacists," Brown continued to spout anti-victim rhetoric. After that, the musician described the benefits he's reaped during Trump's term and supported the president calling COVID-19 a "Chinese virus."

When detractors went after Trapt's music, the group also had a response. Replying to one point, Brown claimed that his outfit has higher streaming numbers than Hoobastank. After praising Nickelback, the musician told another user he'd "make more money on any given weekend than you will make all year."

The band showed no remorse or concern for their comments, even after the Slate overview emerged March 18. Quite the contrary: Brown affirmed that he would "stand by everything I say" in the article. Before that, he told yet another Twitter user to "shut the fuck up. I'll say whatever I want."

Trapt's most recent release is 2016's DNA. The album contains the singles "Human (Like the Rest of Us)," "It's Over" and "Passenger." In 2017, the band took part in the second annual "Make America Rock Again" tour with Creed's Scott StappSick Puppies, Drowning Pool and Adelitas Way.

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