We’ve got a new chapter of Loudwire’s Hello Kitty Sessions to share with you all. In this unplugged jam, Mark Tremonti and Eric Friedman take on Metallica’s “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” on a Hello Kitty guitar and ukulele.

Tremonti were in New York City doing press for their newest album, A Dying Machine, when we extended the Hello Kitty challenge their way. To make a crappy instrument sound decent is one of the truest tests of a solid guitarist, and both Tremonti axemen stepped up.

The duo didn’t settle for an easy track either… they went for Metallica’s classic Master of Puppets cut, refusing the skip the track’s various solos. Sure, the Hello Kitty mini-guitar and ukulele don’t have enough frets to play the song dead-on, but Tremonti and Friedman worked around the issue like shred scholars.

This performance is a single take, so there’s no copy and paste nonsense or overdubbing doing on. It’s a true jam on truly crappy instruments that the boys somehow made work, so without further ado, enjoy this Hello Kitty Unplugged jam of “Welcome Home (Sanitarium).”

Tremonti’s A Dying Machine will be released worldwide on June 8. Fans can already check out the album’s title track, along with “Take You With Me,” “Bringer of War” and “As the Silence Becomes Me.” To pre-order the concept album, click here.

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