Sweden's Tribulation have undergone a major meta(l)morphosis throughout their career as they now approach the release of their fourth full length, Down Below. From their gripping death metal beginnings, they've evolved into a vampiric rock outfit with touches of goth and black metal, exploring soundscapes on their new offering, "The World."

With "Lady Death" and "The Lament" already out for consumption, "The World" will serve as the final taste fans will get before Tribulation's new record drops. The Robert Piel-created visualizer feels essential to the song as clips of smoking geothermal landscapes, fast-paced cloud movements, ocean waves and other natural elements of our world bleed into one another, drenched in black and white. Musically, "The World" seems to be suspended in a transfixed state of lush yet eerie melodies and tidal drums, never really finding a traditional song structure, most likely serving as a wondrous setup to the album's closing track.

"We were aiming in one direction that was a bit more foresty and that direction kind of made its own twists and turns, as it always is when we do something," said guitarist Adam Zaars about Down Below. "We let it happen, we let it guide us. When we speak in terms like this I would that it's still somewhat in the city, but that city is much older, or in a different era, than the city that [TheChildren [of the Night, Tribulation's previous album] resided in. And it's a lot closer to the forest, and even ventures quite deep into it."

Down Below will be released on Jan. 26 through Century Media. Pre-order your copy here and to see all of the band's upcoming European tour dates, head to their Facebook page.

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