There are many more bands still to be announced, but the first batch of artists for next year's Maryland Deathfest has been revealed. The 2015 edition of the Baltimore festival will be held May 21-24.

MDF attracts extreme metal fans every year with a stellar lineup, and sometimes marks the only U.S. appearance for several of the bands. That's the case for Triptykon, one of the most recognizable names on the initial list of performers.

Triptykon were scheduled to play this year's event, but canceled after the death of artist H.R. Giger, a close friend and mentor of the band's frontman Tom G. Warrior (Thomas Gabriel Fischer). The band has some August festival dates lined up for this summer, along with a December European tour. All their dates can be seen here.

Here's the rest of the bands that have been announced so far for Maryland Deathfest XIII: Aeternus, Arcturus, Aura Noir, Bulldozer, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Demoncy, Dragged into Sunlight, D.R.I., Einherjer, Funebrarum, Goatsnake, Impetuous Ritual, Lock Up, Lycanthrophy, Master, Melt-Banana, Metal Church, Noisear, Neurosis, Portal, Serpentine Path, Skepticism, Splatterhouse, Suffering Mind,Tsjuder, Twilight of the Gods, Ufomammut, Vallenfyre, Vulcano, Winter and Wolfbrigade.

The 2015 edition of Maryland Deathfest will be held at the same venues as 2014. Early bird tickets will be available beginning Saturday (July 19) at 3PM ET. For details and MDF merchandise, go here.

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