Trivium may not be playing Asia at the moment due to coronavirus concerns, but that's not stopping frontman Matt Heafy from performing their planned sets. As many know, Heafy has become a frequent performer on Twitch and he's now using the platform to play full sets of what the group had planned for their run.

"With the Asia tour being cancelled, I am making up every show on stream. Would you rather the Asia set, the whole Shogun album, or the whole In Waves album," asked Heafy Wednesday morning, before eventually performing a set focused on the band's Shogun album.

It's a looser format than the traditional Trivium performance, with Heafy answering questions in the chat between songs and even commenting on the best way to help bands during these trying times while they're off the road. Check out the Shogun set here.

That performance came a day after Heafy played what would have been the band's Knotfest Japan set. Get a closer look at that performance here.

Though Trivium are off the road, Heafy appears set to offer the next best thing online. Stay up to date with Heafy's performances via his Twitch channel and get updates on when he's going online via the band's Twitter account.

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