Trivium frontman Matt Heafy has evolved his sound over the years, showing himself more than capable of transitioning between the gruffest of gutturals and a more melodic, clean singing vocal. And while he's mostly known for metal, Heafy has allowed fans to pull back the curtain and see his universal love of music while doing a number of cover songs via his YouTube channel in recent months. With the holidays now arriving, he's ventured into more festive territory, taking on a pair of artists you might not have ever connected to Heafy.

Did you ever imagine you'd mention Bing Crosby and Matt Heafy in the same breath? Thanks to the singer's new cover of the light and bouncy "Mele Kalikimaka" you now can. Heafy approaches the Hawaiian themed classic with a deeper voice, while using a ukulele. In his comments about the decision to cover the song, Heafy says, "This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. This track in the pool scene of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is one of the all-time greatest uses of the song. Enjoy!"

It's back to guitar for Heafy as he takes on Joni Mitchell's iconic song "River," delivering a beautiful rendition of the track. "I love holiday music. During the month of December, in the Heafy household, it's always Christmas music and movies. It is our absolute favorite time of year," states the singer, who reveals that "River" was the suggestion of his wife. "It's a very interestingly sad-sounding Christmas song; so I figured I would start here. I have several other covers I want to make for a holiday album (youtube playlist) of sorts. I hope you enjoy!" Check out Heafy's cover of "River" below.

Heafy's YouTube account has become one of the more interesting follows over the past year, with the vocalist regularly heading into his home studio to tape a wide array of cover songs, showing his vast love of music as a whole. Stay on top of all he covers at this location.

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