We've seen Trivium's Matt Heafy go from delivering heavy, brutal and rough vocals in the band's early days to incorporating more clean vocals in recent years. While he's broadened his band's musical palette, he's also had some fun off the stage over the last year-plus continuing to deliver a variety of cover songs via his YouTube channel. The latest, his take on Seal's "Kiss From a Rose," shows his range while putting his own stamp on the track.

Given that Heafy has done acoustic covers before, you might expect his Seal cover to lean that way given its soft rock tendencies, but you'd be wrong. The singer breaks out his plugged-in guitar, giving the track a chugging rock arrangement that makes the song heavier than it's ever been.

When Seal did the track, he had to sing in his upper register for a good portion of the song, and Heafy shows he's up for the task as well. However, those high notes are not always easy to hit, and about midway through the cover, Heafy alters his style to full-on guttural vocals. The singer goes back to clean vocals for the verse, but later goes rough again, giving the Seal song the in-your-face aggression you may have never expected it had.

Heafy's covers have become quite popular over the past year, with the singer taking on everyone from Elvis Presley to the Misfits. Head here to see more of the vocalist's covers.

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