Just because you're a bonafide metalhead, doesn't mean you shouldn't appreciate a well-crafted pop song. No one holds that view more than Trivium's lead singer and rhythm guitarist Matt Heafy. Today, Heafy released a new video showing him covering pop singer Cher's 1989 classic "If I Could Turn Back Time."

His genuine love for the song comes out in a huge way during the cover, with his baritone voice giving a different kind of life to the track. His guitar work is subtle and never overbearing, softer than the original's guitar work. It's an approach to the song that shows you how well written the original was and how it has an incredibly universal appeal and sounds great in any venue.

It's not the first time Heafy has set his sights on covering a genre that's not distinctly in Trivium's wheelhouse. He's covered a plethora of different artists and genres, including Alice In Chains, Sublime, Opeth, Elvis Presley, Radiohead and more. These are all wildly different artists that he's taken to task with his covers, which goes to show the essence of good songwriting.

It also gives you a broader perspective of an artist and how many different sources can coalesce together to become what inspires them. Off the bat one may not assume Trivium's heaviness and Cher's pop sensibilities have any carry over, whereas Heafy would probably argue against that.

Heafy's perspective on music is vast, and keeps a good perspective on the different elements that make Trivium a successful metal band. During his appearance on our Loudwire Podcast, he spoke about his attitude changing over his almost 20 year career as a musician, and that no matter how long he performs music he's always hungry for more. Despite these more delicate covers, he's still thirsty to bring more harsh vocals into future Trivium records.

Time will tell what the next Trivium album will bring, especially with drummer Paul Wandtke leaving the band earlier this year, but in the mean time we can't wait to see what Heafy covers for his next YouTube channel entry.

Watch Matt Heafy cover Cher above!

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