There has been much talk as of late around the current state of rock and metal music. The genres have certainly taken a backseat in terms of the streaming game, falling behind hip-hop, pop and country. On the live circuit, however, rock associated acts are still among the top contenders. (Check out a list of the highest-paid hard rock + metal musicians of the last year here.)

Still, musicians have continually been weighing in with their thoughts on the past, present and future. Bullet for My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck recently said metal has become 'a bit stale.' Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher said earlier this month that if the industry doesn't change, artists will begin disappearing.

Trivium vocalist Matt Heafy has come forth with a different take, however. In a new tweet, he shared two photos of albums from both 2017 and 2018 saying "metal/hardcore/metalcore is alive and well."

"Yesterday there was a discussion about metal not being 'something' enough, or being too 'something,'" he wrote. (It is unclear what discussion he is referencing.) "The first image is 2017 [and the] second is 2018. Both don’t even scratch the surface of the countless incredible heavy albums out recently." Albums included were Code Orange's Forever, Wage War's Deadweight and Vein's Errorzone, among others.

You can check out the tweet below. What do you think of metal's current state? Do you feel the genre is losing its footing? Or are you enjoying it now more than ever?

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