U.D.O. have been rocking metal fans for over two decades and the band is about ready to add to their impressive resume. The group is eyeing a Feb. 3 street date for their new album 'Decadent,' and they're getting the ball rolling by exclusively debuting the video for the title track via Loudwire in North America.

The clip, which contains graphic imagery, offers a startling contrast between the extravagant lifestyles of the upper class with shots of people and animals suffering in poverty and poor conditions around the world.

The band tells Loudwire, “'Decadent' is our latest video from the upcoming U.D.O. album 'Decadent' and our idea was to show different facets of decadence in today’s world -- the rich and powerful living in opulence, while elsewhere people (and animals!) suffer under despotic and corrupt leaders, starving and fearing for their lives. With this clip our intention was to raise awareness for this situation."

The lavish lifestyle portrayed in the video includes luxury vehicles, decadent feasts and extravagant parties leading to hedonistic and gluttonous excess.

As stated, 'Decadent' is the title track of the band's new album that's due Feb. 3. You can also look for U.D.O. touring in support of the disc at these locations.


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