Whoops! Sometimes a good-natured gift misses the mark, much like the one U2 recently presented to Slash upon welcoming the guitarist to their hometown of Dublin, Ireland, where Slash was playing a gig with his bandmates Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators.

The Irish are privy to the best tasting Guinness on the planet, so U2 sent Slash a case of the grog. The only issue: Slash is a recovering alcoholic.

Obviously, this seems like it was an honest mistake that came from the best of intensions. Who wouldn't want a complementary case of Guinness courtesy of the boys from U2? However, Slash just ended up being the wrong recipient.

Nonetheless, the appreciative Slash posted about the ill-fated gift via Twitter, saying that Guinness is the one drink he truly misses now that he's sober:

Slash told Classic Rock Magazine in 2012, "[I] know that if I thought I could casually have a drink or casually do whatever, that would leave that door open. I know how that works, because I’ve done it before, so I just abstain from it altogether."

Slash's latest album, 'World on Fire,' is now available for your listening pleasure. To grab a copy of the record, click here.

Meanwhile, it's been a rough week for U2. The band's frontman, Bono, was on a private jet that lost one of its doors mid-flight, plus Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins compared U2's new album to a "fart."

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