We're excited to bring you some brilliantly crafted dissonant death metal all the way from New Zealand. Ulcerate are set to release their fourth full-length album, 'Vermis,' on Sept. 17, but we've got the exclusive premiere of the brutal track 'Weight of Emptiness' available for your listening pleasure right now!

Ulcerate formed in 2000, originally under the name Bloodwreath, in Auckland, New Zealand. For the last 13 years, the monstrous band has been slowly building up a dedicated fan base through a mix of brutal death metal and post-metal. Although Ulcerate didn't release their first full-length, 'Of Fracture and Failure,' until 2007, the act has been consistently delivering quality tunes ever since.

When it comes to Ulcerate, we've gotta talk about tone. With each release, Ulcerate's production standards change slightly, but the filth-ridden atmosphere created by Michael Hoggard's guitar tone is truly unique. The blackness and hopeless abandonment of floating through space combines with the crushing force of a black hole to form Ulcerate's sound -- a sound which continues throughout the entire 'Vermis' album.

Ulcerate is truly one of the heaviest, most atmospheric and precise death metal bands in the world. If you're feeling a sonic need to have your head both engaged and crushed in at the same time, take a listen to Ulcerate's new track 'Weight of Emptiness' in the player below. To pre-order Ulcerate's upcoming album 'Vermis,' click here. Visit Ulcerate's Facebook page here.

Ulcerate, 'Weight of Emptiness'

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