Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are one of the most exciting acts among the massive retro / occult rock revival. Taking themes from horror films, the band wraps its riff-hungry vision around an imminent feeling of doom. We had the chance to speak with Uncle Acid himself (Kevin R. Starrs) about the band's upcoming headlining U.S. tour, film inspiration and what it was like opening for Black Sabbath. Check out the interview below.

You've got a headlining U.S. run coming up with Danava (a perfect fit!), who joined you on your first headlining trek in the country. What’s your relationship with Danava like?

We get on great with them. To me they're the best band in America. Hands down. Greg was one of the first people who really got what we were doing when no one else really gave a s--t. Before we had a deal or anything. He was really supportive of us from the beginning and I've never forgotten that. I remember when we got the [Black] Sabbath tour everybody in 'the scene' seemed to have some kind of jealous meltdown about the whole thing like a bunch of babies. Greg was one of the few who didn't act like that. He's a true musician and above any kind of bulls--t. I'm just glad that we can expose their music to our fans and help spread the word.

You’re playing Psycho Las Vegas, which is one of the best metal festival lineups the U.S. has ever seen. Growing up in the U.S., could you have ever imagined something like this coming together in this country?

The U.S. used to have great festivals like Texxas Jam and Day on the Green...it's been a while but I'm glad that it's happening again. America loves it's hard rock, so it's about time the fans there got something like this.

The mood on The Night Creeper is incredibly eerie and perfectly compliments the essence of the night. Did the idea for the theme or the music come first?

The concept came first and then my mind was open to thinking in that mindset. From then on, everything that I came up with musically was filtered through this late night murder madness influence. Having a bigger picture in mind definitely helps set the mood of a record.

Blood Lust came about through an idea for a horror film. Are there any plans to work on a full length movie based around these concepts or even bring parts of it to life onstage?

No. Bringing it to life on stage would be a disaster. A movie would be a disaster too, but possibly in a good way! Actually our new stage set has a strong, B-movie Night Creeper vibe. It's kind of an immersive experience if people are open to it. That means experiencing it in the moment and not watching it through an iPhone screen.

The state of horror films today is pretty mediocre — same zombies, same gags, same everything. Being so inspired by horror and cinema, are there any modern films that have grabbed you or do you just stick with the older movies?

There are some good new movies, I just can't recall any that have really stuck with me. Nothing that's blown my mind the way that say The Shining did when I first saw it. I think the harshness of high definition digital cameras and CGI has had a massive negative effect on cinema. I miss the look of film and actual hand made props and effects. There's no creativity in the scripts either. Too many remakes and reboots... and the actors all look like f--king fashion models nowadays. Where's the next David Hess? The list of problems is endless...

Uncle Acid opener for Black Sabbath in the U.K. in December of 2013. Can you explain your reaction and emotions when you received confirmation you’d be opening for Sabbath?

We did the whole European tour with them — 16 shows. I was over the moon obviously. I can't remember the last time Black Sabbath toured with a young band from the U.K. or even a band on an independent label. It just doesn't happen very often so it was quite an achievement really. I had a strange feeling we'd get it though. I turned down an arena tour with another band that was playing around the same time because I just had a feeling we'd get the Sabbath tour.

What’s your favorite Black Sabbath album? (Top 3 if you can’t decide on just one?)

I used to say Vol. 4, but I'd probably got with the self-titled these days.

Thanks to Uncle Acid for the interview. Catch Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats on the road, kicking off their tour at the Psycho Las Vegas festival on Aug. 27. To keep up with the band and to check out tour dates, head to their Facebook page. Pick up your copy of 'The Night Creeper' at Amazon or digitally through iTunes.

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