Death metal legends Vader have just let loose a new song, “Grand Deceiver.” The pummeling track is the first from Vader’s upcoming EP, Thy Messenger.

Around for over 35 years, Vader are one of the most enduring and consistent death metal acts ever. The Polish outfit have long melded thrash, speed and death metal to create modern classics like Litany, drenched in the horrors of war.

"We decided to record the new EP because we knew that the full length new album won’t be released before the end of 2019,” Vader write. “The EP includes three new tracks - mostly really vicious and aggressive tracks, even for Vader. 'Emptiness' is more groovy in the main riff but really heavy at the end. All the songs are fast and short, but pretty intense, I guess.”

“We’ve also added a new version of our classic title track from Litany. It is 20 years since we recorded that album at the Red Studio. ‘Litany’ - as a song - and many more from that album have never been performed live. This album is still one of the fan favorites in the Vader discography and in 2019 we will resurrect this whole record as part of our live shows this autumn. Another bonus is the absolute classic cover of 'Steeler,' which was always one of my all time favorite Priest songs."

Like much of Vader’s best work, “Grand Deceiver” is short, to-the-point and completely unrelenting. Frontman Piotr Wiwczarek’s gutturals are just as twisted as ever, while Vader’s unhinged guitar solos keep the song moving at a furious pace.

Listen to “Grand Deceiver” above and click here to pre-order Vader’s Thy Messenger EP, which will be released May 31.

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

Vader, Thy Messenger Track Listing:

01. “Grand Deceiver”
02. “Litany”
03. “Emptiness”
04. “Despair”
05. “Steeler” (Judas Priest cover)

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