Van Halen surprised everyone on Dec. 26 with the news of their upcoming world tour and then a couple days later with news of their new album's Feb. 7 release date, but when you're one of the biggest bands in the world, stuff like this just doesn't happen overnight -- the plans have obviously been in the works for quite some time.

Now, details are slowly starting to emerge from behind the scenes -- and thanks to the folks at the Roxy Theatre in L.A., now have a glimpse into the tour preparations that have been going on in the club for the last couple of months.

"For the past 2 months VAN HALEN has been rehearsing here 2-3 times a week!!!!!! Do you have any idea how hard that was to not tell you??" wrote the club in an announcement on its website. "When you come in at 10:00AM and David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and Wolfgang Van Halen are on stage with 3 other people in the room playing “Running With the Devil” and you can’t say anything?! It’s tough, to put it simply."

Now that the news is out, all bets are off, and the Roxy printed rehearsal memories from some of its employees as a fond look back at their months with the band. Wrote one staff member, "My favorite Van Halen moment was when I came out of the kitchen and they were doing 'Panama.' I was one of the only people standing in the room by the stage. David Lee Roth looked at me, smiled, and waved. I thought to myself 'that is the only time in life I will know David Lee Roth was actually singing to me.'"

Added another, "What was my favorite part about it? Everything. I know it sounds stupid, but I can’t put it any other way. To walk through the club and have Eddie Van Halen smile at me or pat me on the back, the guys were so nice, it was unbelievable. In my 9 years at the club, this is by far one of the best things that’s happened."

To read more of the Roxy staff's recollections, head on over here -- and try to contain your anticipation for what promises to be a very busy year for the band. And check out the promo clip for VH's upcoming tour, as filmed at the Roxy, below.

Watch the Promo Clip for Van Halen's Upcoming Tour (Filmed at the Roxy)