Craig Nicholls, frontman for the Vines, has been arrested in Australia after an apparent bizarre attack on his parents. The vocalist, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, reportedly punched his mother twice in the head and injured a police officer who attempted to detain him.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the rocker attempted to flee when police arrived on the scene and officers eventually used capsicum spray to subdue the singer. Inspector Robert Duncan told the paper, "He tried to evade police and [a] violent struggle ensued. A police officer suffered grazes, cuts and bruises to both elbows and knees and was treated at St. George Hospital."

Nicholls was charged with five offenses, including two counts of domestic assault, stalking or intimidation, resisting arrest and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. His parents took out an apprehended violence order against the singer, which is the Australian equivalent to a restraining order for those who feel they are in danger of bodily harm.

The Vines were part of the garage rock explosion of the early 2000s that brought acts like the White Stripes, the Hives and the Strokes to prominence. However, Nicholls' erratic behavior became an issue and eventually he was diagnosed with Asperger's. The group's ability to tour extensively has been hampered as a result, but they still managed to put out several records in the years that followed. Their fifth album, 'Future Primitive,' arrived last year.