Legendary Pantera / Damageplan / Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul has carved out a remarkable career since forming Pantera in 1981. Paul will add yet another album to his resume when Hellyeah release 'Blood for Blood' on June 10, but as evidenced in a new interview, the drummer is only feeling pressure from two sources: himself and his late brother 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott.

'Blood For Blood' is Hellyeah's fourth studio album and will be released via Eleven Seven next month. During an interview with Planet Mosh, Paul spoke about the album's writing process. "Well, this whole record was written by myself, Topcat [Tom Maxwell, guitar] and Chad [Gray], just the three of us," Paul explains. "The other two members had some ongoing personal issues that were really becoming a distraction to the band, so we had decided we were going to have to let them go for us to move forward, so we did the whole record between the three of us."

A veteran of the music world, Vinnie Paul's confidence shines from behind the kit. However, Paul is constantly looking to make himself proud along with his iconic brother Dime.

"The only pressure I’ve ever felt is not to let my brother [Dimebag] down, and not to let myself down," Paul responds after being asked about Pantera's legacy. "There are people that love Hellyeah and there are people that hate Hellyeah, like with any band and it’s not a big deal. I’ve done my best as a person to carry on and make myself happy because I know that’s what he’d want me to do. He’s part of what I do, I’ve felt like he’s with us from day one when we put Hellyeah together, so that’s the only pressure, the pressure to carry on and to do it right."

Check out the full interview at Planet Mosh and keep your ears open for Hellyeah's 'Blood For Blood' coming out on June 10.