Going to a metal concert can kind of be like taking a trip to the Wild West: you never know exactly what's in store for you. Take, for example, California-based metal act DRAIN's recent show. There, a fan received one of the most brutal wedgies we've ever seen.

A few people in attendance decided to use a breakdown as their moment to army crawl across the stage. Unfortunately for one of them, vocalist Sammy Ciaramitaro caught them by the waist of their pants and tugged them into the air before running back to the mic. "Army crawling across the stage is dope and so is giving wedgies," Ciaramitaro wrote in a tweet while sharing a clip of the moment.

Luckily, it seems the two both ended up laughing about the experience. The receiver of said wedgie was undoubtedly shocked by what had just happened, and can be seen turning around, presumably getting ready to swing. Instead, they opted to just dive back into the crowd. "I thought I was about to get smoked," Ciaramitaro said. "Shout out to the homie for knowing I was just having fun." Check out the video below.

If you haven't heard of DRAIN already, you should really check them out —they do a lot more than just deliver earth-shattering wedgies. The band are set to release a new record titled Living Proof via Epitaph Records on May 5. Watch the music video for their most recent single "FTS (KYS)" below.

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