Voivod's long road supporting their 'Target Earth' album was just getting underway, but at least several dates on their run will not happen as scheduled. The band has announced a series of postponed dates while their frontman, Denis 'Snake' Belanger, undergoes a procedure to deal with diverticulitis.

For those unaware, diverticulitis is a common digestive disorder in which the formation of pouches within the large intestine just outside of the colon become inflamed, leading to discomfort and pain, as well as a number of other symptoms like fever and nausea.

The band's Facebook posting on the situation reads as follows:

show cancellations!!!

Voivod has had to postpone any shows for the immediate future as Snake needs 4-6 weeks rest due to a procedure for diverticulitis, a common digestive disease.

This affects the MS Benefit in Ottawa and the SXSW shows, this should not affect the Santiago, Chile MetalFest appearance in April
More tour news to be announced shortly.

Stay tuned to see if and when Voivod reschedule the lost dates. In the interim, fans in Chile can begin to look forward to the band's return to the stage. Loudwire sends our best wishes to Snake during his recovery period. The 'Target Earth' album is out now and available here.