There's heartbreaking news to report as Warbeast and Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt has revealed that he has esophageal cancer. The musician has been keeping fans up to date via his Facebook page.

The singer revealed that he learned he had an esophageal tumor on Tuesday (May 23) and was just told this morning (May 24) that it's likely that he has Stage 3 Esophagus Cancer, though there is still a chance it could be Stage 2.

In a heartbreaking message, the singer states, "After much discussion with the doctors and specialist ... they've told me there's no chance within any reasonable time that I'll ever be able to perform again. So it breaks my heart at this time that I'm forced to announce my retirement from singing. I'm sorry to all of my bandmates for letting them down. I'm devastated with all of this hitting me so fast. I'm still in shock."

He continues, "Thanks for all of the great support all these years. You're the best fans and I love all of you! We at least have a great Warbeast album and music video coming soon."

In previous updates, Corbitt stated that esophageal cancer is a treatable disease, but it is rarely curable. However, the singer has stated that he's ready to fight and is thankful for the support he's gotten from fans so far.

"I can't even begin to explain my feelings. You guys have given me the strength I need to even prepare for this fight. Honestly I was close to losing hope that there was any good to come out of this. Of course I'm scared for my life like any normal human being would be,' says the singer. "Those moments when I can get on Facebook and scroll through all of your messages ... the emotion takes over. I cry, I get stronger, I also realize what all of you mean to me. I do believe in the power prayer and positive vibes. And I have all of you to thank for that."

We send our positive vibes and prayers to Bruce Corbitt and wish him the best in the fight ahead of him.

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