A clip of Vince Neil guest starring on the season finale of the Travel Channel show 'Ghost Adventures' has surfaced. The Motley Crue singer's appearance on the paranormal activity show will air this Friday, April 27. Neil and the ghost-seeking crew are holed up in The Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, which is believed to be haunted. Yikes!

In the clip, they are all sitting on the floor. The infrared light is on when Neil feels a cold presence in the room. He and the ghost hunters track a cold energy and overall, it's creepy stuff. Watching this footage is enough to make the baby-fine hairs on the back of your neck stand bolt upright. Can you imagine what it was like to actually be in the room during this incident?

It's an interesting juxtaposition for Neil, too. When he's not opening a strip club (and falling off the stage at the grand opening), he's out chasing ghosts. It's an interesting life he leads, that's for sure.

Read more details about Neil's episode, the theories of the haunting and his previous experiences with ghosts and otherworldly forces here. Then check out the creepy clip below, as long as you don't scare easily.

Do you believe in ghosts?