How many of you would like to say you saw one of rock's top bands before they hit it big? Thanks to the power of YouTube and a few enterprising fans who realized they had something great on their hands all those years ago and decided to hold onto it, you can now see a full Alice In Chains performance from 1989, a full eight months before they released their Facelift debut album on Columbia Records.

Alternative Nation obtained the footage of the band's Washington State University CUB Ballroom performance in Pullman. The video, provided by Lump Head Studio, was filmed by Jason Polich with audio mastering from Tim Branom. In addition, fans can listen to a radio commercial promoting the show on KUGR Radio, the radio home of the Washington State Cougars, in the player below.

If you can imagine, there was actually a time where you could see Alice In Chains for "$5 in advance, $6 at the door." And yes, the show did include some songs that fans have come to know very well.

After opening with "Killing Yourself," the band performed what would become their breakout single, "Man in the Box." The hour-long set also includes "Love, Hate, Love," "We Die Young," "Sunshine," "Queen of the Rodeo," "Social Parasite," "Put You Down," "Real Thing," "I Can't Remember," "Sea of Sorrow," a cover of David Bowie's "Suffragette City" and the finale -- a cover of Hanoi Rocks' "Taxi Driver."

Check out the show in full above and hear the radio commercial below.

Washington State's KUGR Radio Commercial for Alice In Chains' 1989 Show

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