Dave Lombardo spent over 20 collective years in Slayer, performing on some of their most venerated releases. The drummer was dismissed from the group in 2013, but now that he joined Body Count onstage to play at the tail of "Raining Blood/Postmortem" in Finland, fans can see him behind the kit bashing away to some Slayer again.

On Friday (June 29), Body Count hit the stage at Helsinki's Tuska Festival, opening their set with the medley of "Raining Blood/Postmortem" as heard on 2017's Bloodlust album. As the final notes of "Raining Blood" rang out, Lombardo, who performed earlier in the day with Dead Cross, was called to the stage to bring the rest of the track home with the snippet of Reign in Blood's "Postmortem."

Lombardo was Slayer's original drummer, joining the band in 1982. He briefly left four years later, but signed back on quickly and did not leave again until 1992. He was succeeded by Paul Bostaph and the two alternated roles once more as Lombardo returned from 2001 through 2013, after which Bostaph was called back. During this time, Jon Dette was featured for two brief stints behind the kit, one in 1996 and another in 2013.

Slayer made the decision to part with Lombardo on Valentine's Day in 2013 after a financial dispute before an Australian tour. The drummer now splits his time between Suicidal Tendencies and Dead Cross, which also features Faith No More legend Mike Patton on vocals.

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