DragonForce's Herman Li has one of the speediest hands in metal, but how would the guitarist do if you threw a little thing like a pool full of water and a circle pit full of fans in his way? Those attending the Full Metal Cruise VII found out last week when Li decided to snorkel underwater while rocking a guitar solo for those in attendance.

"We're not going to do this again. This is the only time it's ever going to happen," teased Li while his special waterproof EGEN18 DRG guitar from Ibanez was being checked one final time before he performed the stunt.

The guitarist had previously played an underwater solo in 2015, but as he told Wacken TV in the video interview below, he felt he could top his last attempt at aquatic shredding. "The underwater guitar solo was cool but I didn’t play in the water long enough because there’s only how much [time] I can hold my breath for," said Li. "So this time we’re going to do an underwater snorkeling guitar solo, which I’ll play over a minute of a guitar solo in the water breathing through a snorkel with just my hands coming above the water with my special customized waterproof guitar that the Ibanez custom shop built for me."

As the band performs on the cruise, Li makes his way from the stage to the ship's swimming pool where a group of fans have already created a circle pit in the pool. While letting his nimble fingers electrify the crowd, Li eventually makes his way to the side of the pool and jumps in, keeping the guitar mostly above water as he continues to play. The guitarist then beckons the pool pit closer to him as he ducks his head underwater with the snorkel, continuing to rock his solo as he makes his way through the crowd of onlookers. See it all play out in the video above, and check out Li's interview with Wacken TV about the cruise and the performance below.

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